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Benefits in abundance

Exercises of this sort are known to be extremely health beneficial and certainly one of the better ways to boost one’s overall health. One staggering fact that backs up the importance of proper breathing is that on a daily basis, a person breathes 20.000 times. In addition, with each deep breath, a person takes away stress, which if present, eases off significantly. This in turn, brings much desired relief from anxiety, tension, and contributes to mental wellness, as well as physical well being. In case a person is under a lot of stress, or has come down with such ailment as pneumonia, for example, deep breathing exercises are the ones to take up, for they do not only bring instant relief, but also speed up the entire recuperation process.

Different names, sameeffectiveness

The practice in question is quite often referred to as diaphragmatic breathing, abdominal breathing, belly breathing, as well as coastal breathing. But no matter under which name a person knows it, the beneficial effects always stay the same. In order to get the most out of it, a person needs to adhere to a couple of steps and perform them as best s/he can.

Step one – person is to take up an upright sitting position, legs crossed while doing these exercises. Failure to do so will result in breathing difficulties and bring about numerous hindrances that will make an exercise quite ineffective.Step two – one hand goes straight on the stomach, whereas the other one goes straight on the chest.Step three – air inhalation should not be aggressive, but calm and done in a slow manner. The point is to get the feeling of your stomach expanding.Step four – when exhaling air, this should also be done in an unobtrusive manner, through the pursed lips, which will enable a person to always be in control of the process itself.Step five - once this done, the person has completed an entire cycle and can repeat it a couple of times more, depending on the need.

When it comes to anxiety relief, there is one special breathing exercise that can enable a person free him/herself from this undesirable condition in a blink of an eye. Namely, a person needs to stand up straight, putting his/her feet slightly apart and arms at the sides. Inhaling is to follow raising of the arms above the head. The point at which exhaling should start is the moment person’s fingers meet and the palms are turned so as to face the ceiling.

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