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Introduction to Stomach Bloating

Generally speaking, bloating affects everyone from time to time. It is a formof and uncomfortable overstuffed feeling. This might happen after excessive drinking(for instance, beer has been known to cause bloating), or overeating. It may beunpleasant, but people know that it will, at some point, pass, and not botherthem again. However, there are certain people that seem to have this feelingeach and every day. It is very important that these people find the reason whythey have this feeling, in order to get rid of it successfully.

Causes of Bloating

There are several causes of bloating. These include:

Stress. Stress generally harms one’s health, and, in some cases, may be thecause of bloating. It has been scientifically proven that there exists a connectionbetween emotions and the digestive system. Some people simply do not eat whenthey are under a lot of stress, but, for others, it may cause them to eatexcessively, and fast, so that they just keep on “gulping” food. This meansthat they take in too much air, which then causes bloating. Furthermore, fizzydrinks that people tend to drink when they are stressed out are also a contributingfactor. There are several ways of dealing with stress. Most importantly, a person needsto learn how to relax. There are several relaxation techniques that might help.Or, if they do not work, hypnosis is always an option. Relieving the stressshould make the bloating go away.Irritable bowel syndrome. This is a very common disorder among people. It ischaracterized by abdominal pain, diarrhea, gas, changes in bowel habits, andbloating. If a person thinks they suffer from this condition, they shouldconsult a doctor. He will, then prescribe medication that will help one dealwith this condition.However, there are a few things one might do to restore the balance of thedigestive system. One should drink yogurt, which helps restore the goodbacteria in one’s stomach. Also, there is a dietary supplement called beanothat might just do the trick. It is supposed to reduce the effect of gas that iscaused by some types of food.Salt , or processed food. Even the smallest amount of excessive sodium in one’sdiet may cause bloating. This is why one should drink more water, it helpsflush the sodium out.Fluid retention. There is a way of testing oneself for fluid retention. Oneshould press their thumb onto the lower leg for a few seconds. Then, afterreleasing the pressure, one should gently feel for indentations. If there is,in fact, an indentation, that might mean that one is suffering from fluidretention.PMT (Pre-menstrual Tension). The bloating occurs just before the period, buttends to get much better when the bleeding starts.Food intolerance. This means that the body cannot digest certain types of foodas well as it is supposed to. Lactose intolerance is a common cause ofbloating.Any disease that can cause intestinal inflammation (such as, Crohn’s diseaseor colon cancer) may be the cause of bloating.

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