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Addiction first,then treatment

An extremely importantfact to know about alcoholism and the manner in which it can be treated in thebest and most effective way is to deal successfully with theaddiction-phase first, and only then with the alcoholism as such. Given itsnature, alcoholism is treated in the world of medicine as yet another in lineof extremely troubling and ill-affecting diseases. In terms of a more precisespecification and categorization, the disease in question has been ascribed toboth physical and mental condition categories, exuding in both cases withnegative and undesired effects on the entire human being. The most prominentill-effects include death (being the most extreme one), with theminor ones being discomfort, uneasiness, dysfunction, irrational behavior,unsteady mood, various malicious syndromes, intensive stress and anguish, toname but the most frequently encountered ones.

Just like any disease,alcoholism being deemed as one, displays all the characteristics that are knownto make one condition a “member” of this category. Namely, it does everythingthat lies in its powers to urge a person in question consume as much alcohol aspossible, and as regularly as possible as well. This goes to such an extentthat people who suffer from alcoholism are known to crave it as much as an ordinaryperson would crave water, for example. In addition, this insatiable thirst foralcohol does not succumb even when a person hits that “rock bottom”, running his/herhealth completely and beyond any chance for curing and improvement. In thosemoments, the most evident feeling that accompanies the person in question isthat of incessant frustration, by way of which that person gains on defianceand aggressiveness, with the symptoms of withdrawal onlyincreasing and becoming more intensive and severe in nature.


Once consciousness “kicksin” and a person in question experiences bouts of guilt each time s/he gulps analcoholic beverage, this means that “remedy” is much more within one’s reachthan ever before. If drinking is the first thing one does each and everymorning when s/he wakes up in order to forget the troubles that the day bringsforth, then this is the right moment to draw a line, pick oneself up and seekimmediate help, in order to free oneself from this menace.

Steps that will leadone to complete and utter curing include:

Screening and proper diagnosisDefeating the withdrawal symptomsRegular blood alcohol testsKidney testingTreatmentRegular evaluation of the dependence levelsSpecialists’ intervention

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