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Unwanted emotional surge

People tend to get into emotional crisis for quite a lot of different reasons, and acne represent one of the most annoying and troublesome for sure. The reason for this is that they are known to hold the potential to harm one’s self-esteem to such a point that one cannot imagine. That is why another implication of acne is considered to be emotional crisis. But this is something that not all experts approve of, nor think there is enough substantial evidence to back this up hundred percent. Also, prior to being able to provide any concrete answers that would illuminate the issue more, it is vital to clearly delineate what the concepts self-esteem and emotional problems refer to in specific.

Self-esteem – to put it bluntly and in an uncomplicated fashion, this term refers to the picture that one has in regards to him/herself, which should, at most times, be quite positive. Thus, when we speak of low self-esteem, this means that the person in question does not think high of him/herself, i.e. regards oneself as not fit to satisfy certain standards that one holds important. Emotions refer to the sensation, i.e. a feeling that one is endowed with depending on a particular context or situation, as well as on the mood that the one is in at the specific moment. This includes happiness, sadness, love and hate that one feels towards another person. This means that when a person in question is experiencing problems which are emotional in nature, s/he is most frequently described as being under the weather, sad, miserable, depressed and alike.

The relation

Given the fact that acne represent a fairly unpleasant condition, people who are befallen by it fairly often tend to find and think of themselves as being extremely unattractive in comparison to other people who experience no such skin-related complications. And this kind of reaction can, of course, be ascribed to lowered self-esteem since such people usually place themselves under that standard line, since they do not have any appreciation left for themselves. In terms of target groups, teenage population is the one that is the most affected one.

One of the reasons is that at this particular age the most prominent and influencing factor is the puberty. And having puberty in mind, such a condition as acne under the peer-spotlight can certainly leave a lot of scars on one’s life, which are often known to determine one’s future lifestyle, habits and emotional state to an enormous extent. Therefore, in order to avoid any emotional crisis, one has to believe in oneself, especially because such unpleasant conditions as acne do disappear on their own once the puberty comes to an end. Thus, the more self-confidence one has, to a lesser degree emotional crises will occur.

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