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What is Tribulus and what is it good for?

Tribulus terrestris is a plant that is also known underseveral other names (punctured vines, yellow vine, cathead, etc.) and it is usedas an ingredient of dietary supplements, which have the purpose to enhance libidoand sexual function, and to improve athletic performance. It is also believed thatit can enhance muscle mass, mood, and help in treating a number of healthproblems among which are hypertension, high cholesterol, anemia, headache, vertigo,pain in the chest, indigestion, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney stones, psoriasis,and even cancer. It has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, but now itsnumerous health benefits are acknowledged by the modern medicine as well.

Are there any side effects that are possible when using Tribulus?

Even though there are no official studies that offer proofsregarding the side effects of tribulus, it is very well known that it may causea number of gastrointestinal problems, as well as a number of other side effects.On the other side, it is also known that, as long as it is taken in moderateamounts and not for a long time, it should be safe and no side effects should bepresent.

As for the people who should be extra careful whenconsidering the use of tribulus, among them are those who suffer from diabetes,ulcers, stomach inflammation, any type of allergy, and prostate disorders suchas prostate cancer or enlarged prostate. Pregnant women and lactating mothers shouldavoid its use, because there is no evidence regarding its safety or sideeffects in such cases. People who use some psychoactive medications should notuse tribulus, as well as those have some psychiatric condition.

Various stomach disorders such as nausea, pain or discomfortin the abdomen, and bowel disorder are possible if this herb is not consumedwith food. Excessive consumption of this herb is very likely toincrease the levels of testosterone, which may result in a number of problemsamong which are excess body hair, lowering of voice, enlarged breasts in men,etc. Violent mood swings are also a possible side effect of this herb, which mayalso be attributed to the change of the levels of testosterone. Among the possible side effects is also damage to the lung,particularly if the fruit of this herb is consumed raw and unprocessed. Due to alkaloid chemicals that affect neural signaling inthe brain, this herb may create a real chaos in the brain and cause a seriousdamage to this organ, as well as to muscles.

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