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Information on Goldenseal

Goldenseal is a woody perennial plant and it originates fromthe southern Canada and northeastern United States. It is very popular becauseof its potent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It is over harvestednowadays so it cannot be found in the wild that much. Goldenseal is quite oftencombined with Echinacea for the prevention and treatment of sore throat, commoncold and other similar minor medical conditions.

Echinacea is efficient inboosting the immune system, while goldenseal alters the quantity and the typeof mucous present in the human body. That explains why harmful microbes cannotflourish and the body gets rid of all the invaders much easier. Goldenseal canbe taken in various different forms such as tea, tincture or pill.

Goldensealtincture needs to be mixed with warm water and it can be gargled in order torelieve a sore throat. Goldenseal should always be taken in prescribed dosagebecause overconsumption may lead to certain unwanted side effects. Goldensealis a natural product but that does not mean that it will not trigger any sideeffects.

Goldenseal Side Effects

Goldenseal sometimes triggers certain side effects, butthose cases are usually very rare. In most cases, those are allergic reactionswhich can be mild in intensity and include symptoms such as rash, but they canalso be very severe and include symptoms like shortness of breath, troublebreathing and swelling in the throat.

All the aforementioned symptoms requireimmediate medical attention and need to be treated by a healthcareprofessional. Some other side effects that may be triggered by consumption ofgoldenseal may include vomiting and nausea.

These usually occur if goldensealis taken on an empty stomach, or if one does not follow the package directionsbefore taking the medication. It is strongly recommended that pregnant andbreastfeeding women do not take goldenseal products because it is unknown if itcan have any impact on an unborn baby. It may also pass through the breast milkand be potentially harmful.

Another reason why infants should not takegoldenseal is that poses a risk of kernicterus. It is a severe medicalcondition that needs to be treated by a healthcare professional in an immediatemanner. Some studies have shown certain results which may be understood as awarning against excessive use of berberine which gets derived from goldenseal.Berberine may cause certain types of liver problems in some cases.

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