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When a woman becomes pregnant, the many people in her life including her friends, relatives, the doctors, the internet and magazines will all provide her with an abundance of advice regarding what to eat, drink and do. Unfortunately much of the advice will conflict with one another. This article should help you make a decision about drinking mint tea, it shall provide you with the facts.

Types of Mint Tea in Pregnancy

It can be called mint tea, peppermint tea or even it can be known as pregnancy tea. This is because it is thought to be good for the pregnancy. Mint is used worldwide for medicinal and culinary purposes. Other herbs that are also collaborated into the mint family tree are spearmint, basil, peppermint, lavender, apple mint and thyme.

The Mint Plant

The actual mint plant is put into the family of Mentha which most people have heard of as it is used in toothpastes, ice creams, chocolates, and even in candies. When you are making a cup of mint tea you have the choice to either use the regular tea leaves or use fresh mint leaves. The fresh mint tea can be prepared by pouring hot, however, not boiling water over fresh mint leaves.The Benefits of Drinking Mint Tea in Your Pregnancy

Mint tea gives off a beautiful aroma. If a woman is suffering with morning sickness, tiredness or irritability then mint tea could be the answer. The mint in the tea has the capability to clear up a nervous stomach. It can help in relieving nausea or morning sickness or even flatulence. Mint tea has the remarkable capability to solve cramping during pregnancy and has a calming result as well as helping to ease irritability, insomnia and anxiety. The mint in the tea can assist in boosting the immune system and as you know for a healthy baby, it is essential to keep all the diseases away throughout your pregnancy. Antioxidants are also provided through mint tea. If you suffer with asthma and allergies then try green mint tea. The major benefit of peppermint tea is that it lends a hand to improve the digestive health, which is very vital for the duration of the pregnancy. Heartburn can be steered clear from with the use of mint tea. Pregnancy can make a woman feel depressed repeatedly, so mint tea in pregnancy can help out to keep away from stress and battle depression. Herbal mint tea can alleviate the uneasiness connected to irritable bowel syndrome as well as that it can slow the development of a lot of harmful bacteria and fungi.

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