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Cooking and alternative medicine are the areas in whichginger tea has a wide use. Due to its healing properties, it successfully treatsnausea, inflammation, problems with circulation, acid reflux, and several otherconditions. It contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Side effects of ginger tea

Despite the numerous benefits of this tea, the fact is that everyonewho decides to use it should be aware of possible negative effects. In themajority of cases, they can be avoided, which is why it is important to know whento use this tea, in what dosages and for how long. The problems that might beexperienced are far from being life threatening, except in cases of people whosuffer from some blood clotting problems or in cases of those who are about toundergo a surgery.

Gastrointestinal problems that it can cause consist ofheartburn, belching, intestinal blockage, mouth burning, and gas. Sometimes theseproblems can be avoided if ginger is used in the form of capsules instead oftea, while antacids that contain this ingredient help in relieving and prevention of heartburn and indigestion caused due to the use of ginger.In some situations, ginger can increase the risk of internaland gastrointestinal bleeding, which is related to its anti-inflammatory abilities.This is why people who already take some beta blockers or blood thinning medications, and those who suffer from blood clotting disorder should not use this herb inany form. Herbs such as saw palmetto, ginkgo biloba and garlic should not beused in combination with ginger because of increased risk of bleeding.People who suffer from diabetes or gallbladder disease areat higher risk of experiencing side effects, as well as those people who use immune suppressantsand medications that help in keeping the blood sugar levels under control since the combination of this tea and these medications can affect blood sugar levels in a negative way.If a woman is pregnant, she should not drink ginger tea,although it is effective against nausea, because it might be toxic to the fetus.Due to its ability to help falling asleep, it can beconsumed right before bedtime by those people who have problems with sleeping.It is not wise to consume ginger tea before undergoing a surgeryprocedure because it might interact in a negative way with anesthesia, whichmight cause certain unnecessary problems and complications.

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