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Peppermint tea

Almost every person in the world knows that peppermint tea is good for the health and is used in various cases as a remedy for various ailments. In most cases, peppermint tea is used by people who want to treat stress or as a topical skin relief for rashes. Lots of people drink peppermint tea when they suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, cramps or some other stomach related syndrome. In many cases, people who drink peppermint tea regularly enhance their immune system.Peppermint tea is also very popular because of the fact that it can be easily purchased. This tea can be bought in ether commercially prepared packages or in form of fresh peppermint herbs. The powers of peppermint tea range from curing bad breath to indigestion.


Even though there are many health benefits a person can receive from consuming peppermint tea, there are some side effects a person might end up suffering from if he or she drank this tea in certain circumstances. In some cases a person will only experience mild effects but in some there are certain severe consequences. There are some cases when a person should most definitely avoid drinking peppermint tea.

For instance, if a person is suffering from GERD, he or she should not consume this tea because it can only make the situation worse. The reason for that is because peppermint tea relaxes the muscles and if the tea relaxes the sphincter muscle of the stomach and esophagus it will allow for more of an acid reflux.

Pregnant women should avoid drinking peppermint tea as well. The reason for that also lies in the relaxation of the muscles. In some cases the tea can relax the uterine muscles. If a woman has a history of miscarriages she must not drink this tea at all. There is no sure proof that peppermint tea actually increases the rate of miscarriage but since it can relax the muscles women should not expose themselves to that risk.

Peppermint is a natural herb but in some cases it can cause certain reaction if a person takes certain over the counter or prescription medicines. A person should always check with his or her doctor about these interactions before he or she starts using medications.

In rare cases people may experience muscle tremors if they use peppermint oil to treat skin rashes. The oil should always be diluted. In some cases people have suffered from diarrhea, heart palpitation and reduced heart rate after drinking peppermint tea.

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