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There are certain foods which can easily accelerate the metabolism and help in loss of extra weight. These foods are in charge with faster burning of calories and the result is impossibility of excessive calories to be turned into fats which will consequently accumulate in the body. Still one should also take care of proper dieting and regular physical activities as these are highly appreciated in the maintenance of desirable weight.


Water is considered to help in weight loss. One study focused on the increased intake of water and the results of weight loss. The conclusion was astonishing. Namely, water can suppress appetite. Water can be taken prior the meals leading to the expansion of the stomach so that additional food will not have to be taken in larger amounts as a person will feel satiated after only small portions of food. The best way is to start a day with a glass of water and to take plenty of this liquid all day long.

Green Tea

Green tea is also known to be an excellent booster of the metabolism. Apart from helping in weight reduction, it can be also suitable for prevention of certain cancers.


A bowl of soup can be remarkably good if taken instead of snacks or prior the rest of the meal. This way the soup will satiate the hunger and also fulfill the need for liquids and certain electrolytes.


This fruit has been used in numerous diets and is considered to enhance the metabolism and help with burning fat. This has even been proven in one study where people ate grapefruit with every meal during a period of twelve weeks. The results were astonishing as most of the participants actually lost significant amount of weight.

Apples and Pears

Apart from grapefruit even apples and pears can be efficient metabolism boosters in low-calorie diets. They can provide with sufficient amounts of sugar. On the other side the fibers will help with faster elimination of the stool.Broccoli

Broccoli is rich in numerous vitamins and minerals and is not so caloric. This member of cabbage family is therefore an excellent choice in dieting and is rather successful in reduction of weight.

Low-fat Yogurt

Certain dairy products that do not contain plenty of fats are suitable as they can also accelerate the metabolism leading to weight loss. Low-fat yogurt contains plenty of calcium, which is a metabolism booster and low amounts of fat.


Lean turkey is also excellent in boosting metabolism. If eaten without skin it also provides nutrition with not so many calories.


Oatmeal can provide with sufficient amount of energy and fibers. The proper intake of fibers regulates and accelerates the bowel movements and this can result in faster metabolism.

Hot Peppers

And finally, one more powerful metabolism booster are hot peppers. Namely, a substance that is present in hot peppers called capsaicin can motivate the body to produce more stress hormones and these can consequently accelerate the metabolism. The final result is faster and more efficient burn of calories.

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