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Today, it is hard to find a person who is satisfied with his or her shape. It seems that everyone wants to look better. Some wish to gain weight, but more people want to lose weight and look slimmer.

Everybody knows that the key to a good figure is exercise and diet. And diet does not necessarily mean eating less. It just means eating better.

Role of metabolism

Metabolism is a process that regulates the speed in which a person turns calories into energy. Gaining weight means taking more calorie than what the body burns and converts into energy. It is only logical that faster a person burns the calories, less energy is stored and this means less weight gain.

Energy in human body is burnt through physical activity and in digestion of food, but also during rest. A rate at which a person burns fat while resting is called basal metabolic rate.

There are ways to speed up the metabolism so it burns more energy while the body is resting or exercising, but there are also factors that contribute to slow metabolism.

Slow metabolism factors

Eating poorly slows down the metabolism, and “poorly” means eating a lot of sugars and processed foods like sodas, snacks, deep fried foods, high-sodium foods and similar.

Rest is also important. An exhausted body has a very slow metabolism so having enough sleep during nighttime is very important for speeding up the metabolism.

Stress can also have a negative impact on metabolism, as well as dieting, especially those radical diets. Toxins are yet another contributor to a slow metabolism.

How to speed up metabolism

Exercise does matter. It does not matter how, it is just important to stay active. Every person should find a way to work out which suits him or her the best. It can be swimming, walking, jogging, gym, dance, roller-blading or riding a bike.

Building muscle tone also speeds up the metabolism. Newly formed muscles consume extra energy even when the body rests.

Breakfast can speed up the metabolism too, especially if it consists of fresh fruit and vegetables, or freshly squeezed juice.

Food rich in fiber has the same effect because fiber takes more energy to digest.

Spicy food is also recommended, as well as lean protein like beans, nuts, and tofu.

One of the best and simplest tricks for boosting the metabolism is to chew each bite of food 25 times. This will save the body’s energy stores and speed up the calorie-to-energy process.

Drinking plenty of water is highly recommended as it helps flush the toxins out of the system, and a body that is clean from the inside will certainly have faster metabolism. Cleansing techniques are also recommended, as long as they are done following precise rules and instructions.

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