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Human body can actually be compared to a very complex machine. Every single cell in it can be compared to some engine that works without any pause, and in order to perform its function, it needs some kind of fuel that it will use to create the necessary energy. In the human body, this fuel is actually fat, which the cells transform into the energy. The body depends on the energy, and it needs it even when we are not active, because numerous basal bodily processes go on all the time, even while we are sleeping. Yes, this means that our body burns fat even while we are sleeping or doing nothing.

How to boost the metabolism?

The truth is that all those who are looking for ways to boost their metabolism and increase its rate can do that very easily. What makes the greatest influence on it is the food that the person consumes and physical activity, which means that even those who complain about having sluggish or slow metabolism can do something to speed it up.

When it comes to food, the trick is to keep it active all the time, which can be achieved by having five or six meals a day instead of only one or two. What is also important is the size of these meals, because small portions will be metabolized easier, which means that large portions should be eliminated. As for the physical activity, all that matters is that the person is physically active regularly. The type of activity is not that important, which means that person can choose any sport they like or find fun. Half an hour for five days a week is perfectly enough, and what’s more, for those who cannot afford 5 times a week due to their job or duties, three times is better than nothing.

Besides these two things, water also speeds up the metabolism, which is why it should be drunk in sufficient amounts. The waste products and fat will be expelled from the body faster, and the body will not have to store water. Green tea can also help and even though it cannot substitute water, three cups a day will do wonders for the metabolism.

What else can help in boosting the metabolism?

It might be useful to know, particularly for those who are trying to lose excess weight, that certain food speeds up the metabolism, which might be a reason more to introduce it in the diet if it is not already present. This particularly goes for the food rich in fiber, as well as broccoli, lettuce, zucchini and other vegetables rich in so-called negative calories. On the other side, B vitamins affect the metabolism in a positive way, which is why those whose diet is not rich in these vitamins are very likely to gain weight. Magnesium, biotin and folic acid are also valuable.

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