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Information on Metabolism

Metabolism is a term used for all the different processeswhich take place in the cells of the human body. These processes are of vitalimportance for proper functioning of the human body. Every type of foodingested into the human body normally gets metabolized but there are certainfood items which are very efficient in enhancing the actual process ofmetabolism. Metabolism can be increased by eating more food, but those need tobe carefully selected food items. Such food items enhance the overall health ofa person and burn the excessive fat deposits in the human body. Food itemswhich are very efficient in increasing the metabolism are all those rich inproteins and complex carbohydrates. Thisoccurs because the absorption and breakdown of such substances takes a lot moretime and energy so the amount of insulin released into the blood stream. Sugarsand fats always provide a temporary boost of energy which is always followed byperiod of low energy, so the craving for sugar and facts occurs again andagain.

Foods that Increase Metabolism

The best food items for the increased metabolism are usuallythose which come from the group of spices, fruits and vegetables. One must alsobe aware of the fact that the method of cooking also has a huge impact on themetabolism of a person. Most fruits and vegetables are very important sourcesof dietary fibers. Some scientists claim that numerous types of vegetables andfruits are actually negative calorie food items because they actually use morecalories to be digested than they provide. Processed foods and refined sugarsneed to be avoided as much as possible in order to increase the metabolism inan efficient manner. It is also wise to avoid oil when cooking the food, and ifit still has to be used, one may use healthy types of oil, such as olive oil. Smallerportions instead of huge meals are also a positive suggestion. An activelifestyle which involves plenty of physical activity is also a must.

Spicy foods contain a component called capsaicin and it isefficient in generating heat which leads to an increased metabolism. The bestspices include chili peppers, chilies, black pepper and ginger. Vegetables suchas peppers, radish, marrow, lettuce, leek, gourd, fennel, cress, cucumbers,cauliflower, chicory, carrots, celery, cabbage, aubergine, spinach, tomatoes,turnip, radish, broccoli and several others are also very efficient inincreasing the metabolism. The same goes for fruits such as tangerines,strawberries, raspberries, peaches, plums, oranges, cantaloupe, honeydewmelons, grapefruit, guavas, damsons, clementines, blackcurrant, blackberries,apricots, apples and others. Whole grains are also very efficient.

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