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A Dutch study that was reported in the journal Fertility and Sterility suggests that a Mediterranean diet, a diet rich in vegetables and their oils, and especially high in fish consumption, might have an impact on likelihood of becoming pregnant after infertility treatment. Dutch scientist observed more than 160 couples that were undergoing fertility treatment, and they found that women whose nutrition was close to Mediterranean type of diet were as much as 40% more likely to become pregnant. However, study does not prove that the diet itself boosts the success of fertility treatment.

Since the study was "observational", and the researchers asked couples about their usual diets, and then followed the groups' outcomes after fertility treatment, studies like this cannot prove cause-and-effect, and there are no direct proves Mediterranean diet boosts fertility. But the doctors do agree that couples that are undergoing fertility treatment should eat balanced diet that include vegetables, vegetable oil, beans and fish. Key components of the Mediterranean diet include eating plenty amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. Including healthy vegetable oils, like olive or canola oil into diet. Fish is an important ingredient of Mediterranean diet: fish or shellfish is at least twice a week on a menu, while red meat is not so often. Whole grains and small portions of nuts are also one of the essentials.

I must not forget red wine, but in limited amounts and perhaps if you are trying to conceive it would be better not to drink it at all. Mediterranean diet is also known for using herbs such as coriander, oregano, basilica and less salt. There are several reasons why the fertility rate was on the side of Mediterranean diet: Mediterranean diet is good because of vegetable oil and fish rich in omega 6 fatty acids and they are precursors to hormone-like substances in the body, also known as prostaglandins. Prostaglandins is involved in the menstrual cycle, ovulation and pregnancy maintenance. Research also suggests that women who eat Mediterranean diet have higher levels of vitamin B6, and in one some studies prove that giving vitamin B6 to women who were having difficulty when trying to conceive increased their chances of pregnancy.

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