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Cholesterol: Mediterranean Diet Safer and More Effective than Statins?

The family of prescription drugs that are effective in lowering the level of cholesterol in blood is known as statins. They are usually very efficient in decreasing cholesterol in blood; however there are some side effects that can arise from using them.

There has recently been a study, the results of which have been published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. It indicated that the aforementioned type of drugs, statins, can cause a condition called myalgia. It is a damage of the muscle tissue, and what is worse it can remain even after the patient stops taking in statins.

Apart from myalgia, there is a whole range of different negative effects statins can have on one’s health. So, if there is a way to avoid using these medications and lower cholesterol some other way, it should be done at all cost. Amending your dietary habits so they resemble the principles of Mediterranean cuisine can be of enormous benefit.

A 2002 research has shown that people who implement the famous “Mediterranean diet” much less frequently suffer from heart conditions, around seventy percent less often. Also, the research showed that this was a bigger decrease in chances for coronary ailments than in people being treated by statins.

Mediterranean amendments to your nutrition plan

In case you are suffering from high levels of cholesterol in blood, turning to Mediterranean cuisine can bring enormous improvements. What does this way of eating involve? First of all, it means eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, different kinds of fish meat, various seeds and nuts, olives in moderate quantities, and “virgin” olive oil.

Rely as much as possible on salads – make them a part of your every lunch and dinner if possible. There are various examples of a healthy, Mediterranean lunch – take one average-size tomato, slice it, sprinkle with olive oil and salt if you wish, and add some fish to it. If you would like to add some carbohydrates to your meal, have a slice of black bread, and you are one tiny step closer to lower cholesterol.

Drugs can be tremendously beneficial and effective when it comes to reducing cholesterol in patients suffering from high cholesterol. Sometimes there may not be any detrimental effects on the patient’s health. They may receive only benefits and notice no bad influence whatsoever. However, in some cases conditions like myalgia and some others may arise, harming our bodies. In cases like these, it is always better to opt for natural remedies for high cholesterol, since they will surely bear no harmful side effects.

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