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Mediterranean diet and the main characteristics

Unlike other diets which usually have negative effects on the health and the body, Mediterranean diet is one of a few which can be adopted on the long run, without having to worry about the negative sides. Yes, this one is considered to be a healthy diet. It is based on food such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, and grains in the first place, while red meat is not consumed more than a few times each month. Instead, fish and poultry are consumed two times each week at least, while various herbs and spices should be used for flavoring instead of salt. What this diet also encourages is consumption of red wine in moderate amounts, but it is not a necessity.

What makes this diet makes more than suitable for those who already suffer from some heart disease, as well as for those who are at higher risk of developing some heart issue, is the fact that several researches have shown that it actually reduces the risk of this kind. To be even more precise, an analysis done recently proved that, besides the fact that the risk of heart disease is reduced, the risk of cardiovascular mortality and mortality in general is also associated with this diet. This was a good reason to encourage the style of eating that characterizes the Mediterranean diet.

Why is Mediterranean diet beneficial for the health of the heart?

The first reason why it is suggested for all those who are either at risk of developing some heart disease or those who have already developed it is because it is low in the so-called bad cholesterol, which tends to accumulate in the arteries. Another reason is related to the fact that the type of the fat is very wisely chosen, because instead of saturated fats and hydrogenated oils, healthy types of fat are encouraged. Olive oil, particularly forms that are the least processed, is widely used in this diet, which is also rich in ingredients that have antioxidant effects. People should only be careful when it comes to nuts, because they are rich in calories and fat, though not saturated. This is why a handful should be a limit on a daily basis. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in the food that is encouraged by this diet, and they are known for their positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, which further reflects on the blood pressure as well.

As for the wine, as long as it is drunk in moderate amounts, it will not have negative effects on the health of the heart. On the contrary, it will reduce the risk of various heart diseases and recent studies have proven this as well. Still, since people tend to think differently on what moderate is, to avoid misunderstanding of any kind, here moderate means not more than 5 ounces for women, and not more than 10 ounces for men.

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