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For most couples, the quest to become pregnant is a joyous and wonderful experience filled with happiness and excitement. However, there are as many couples that are able to become pregnant naturally as there are those that have trouble conceiving. For some, the reasons why conception is delayed or difficult are clear cut and simple, but for others the mystery is something that cannot be determined and is labeled as unexplained infertility. Unexplained infertility is simply defined as when a couple has had all the medical testing available and there is no physical reasons which should prevent pregnancy. The condition is something many people have to face and it does not make it any easier when the reasons are unclear.

Fertility experts cite that some 28% of couples will face idiopathic or unexplained infertility and these rates are only an estimate because some cases go unreported. Some women and men have been able to conceive because of a change in the diet or by quitting smoking or eliminating alcohol from the diet. Other couples have had success using alternative or natural therapies which can include acupuncture, yoga, relaxation techniques and other methods. Still, unexplained infertility is a condition which causes questions, confusion and frustration because the reasons will remain unknown even when a battery of medical tests have been performed.

Unexplained infertility success stories do exist and couples most often become pregnant when they stop trying. However, for others unexplained infertility may have been helped by using medical methods such as surgery, fertility drugs and advice from a reproductive endocrinologist. Being able to conceive after a diagnosis of unexplained infertility does happen and a couple should never give up hope. Unexplained infertility success stories should prove a source of inspiration for men and women trying to conceive and should motivate people into seeking any possible angle and alternative when faced with the problem. It can be heartbreaking reality to deal with idiopathic infertility, but know you are not alone and that many before you have dealt with the same exact thing. Doing research, being proactive in all areas of fertility and reproductive health are the best ways in which a couple can deal with the problem in a healthy manner and do everything possible to increase the chances of conceiving a baby.

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