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The Mediterranean Diet, where does it come from?

Pretty obviously, the Mediterranean diet comes from countries such as Italy and Greece. The most prominent elements of these ethnic foods would be fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, whole grains, olive oil and legumes. In a somewhat lesser percentage, but still present are: meat, saturated fats, dairy and alcohol.

This style of diet is possibly the best way to inhibit the aging process. Aside from that, it is also known that going Mediterranean enhances a person's looks, as well as his/her overall health benefits greatly from the same shift. Other benefits include: reduced chances of getting Type 2 diabetes, suffering from obesity, heart disease, glucose intolerance, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, etc.

So upon taking a somewhat closer look at the particularities of the diet, it is not so strange to see the many benefits which tag along with it.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3rich foods are one of the focuses of this diet. These foods are most typically fish (which are also known as a good way of fighting aging, cancer, heart disease, inflammation, etc.). Also included are: fruits, beans, vegetables, which in this case contain substances that enhance blood vessels.

Olive Oils

Oliveoils are another fine benefits of this style of diet. These oils act as anti-inflammatory agents, which improves the heart, protects the body from cancerous cells, and, yet again, inhibits the aging process.


Apartfrom Omega-3 rich foods and Olive Oils, this diet is also rich in antioxidants. And there is, in fact, a broad variety of sources of these; some of which are: olives, fruits, vegetables, extra virgin olive oils. Additionally, they also remove the free radicals from the body – the very factors which make a person appear sick and older than he or she actually is.

Seasonal Produce

Lastly,it is important to make a point out of the fact that even if the grocery bills go up a few tiny notches, the benefits of going Mediterranean heavily outweigh any extra costs it may be causing. Actually, in some cases this may even reduce the bills, since buying fresh groceries will most likely prove less costly than eating out.

Freshness stands for more nutrients with the food a person eats. This is why Mediterranean cultures have far lower rates of heart diseases, arthritis, strokes as well as cancer.

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