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Not even one person who suffered from one heart attack wants to go through that experience for the second time. Lots of people follow a certain diet and Mediterranean diet is a very popular one. There is a connection between the people who follow this diet and a second heart attack.

The study

According to certain studies, people who follow this diet have almost 70% lesser chance of suffering a second heart attack than people who are on a Western diet. One particular study was conducted in France and over 600 men and women who had one heart attack were monitored. The key of this diet is that simple changes in the diet that everybody can understand and follow can make a difference whether a person will suffer from a second heart attack or not. Apart from this, the changes in the diet will also better a person's quality of life. The study was a success and it only confirmed that the Mediterranean people have lesser chance of a second heart attack because of the foods they consume. However, people should know that the name of the diet used in this study is named because of the foods that are in the Mediterranean diet but not all the food is exactly the same with the food people from that region consume. This diet has lots of fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish, olive oil and beans.

Among the subjects who followed a Western diet and the ones who were on a Mediterranean diet, body mass index, blood pressure, and blood cholesterol levels were similar in the end. In addition to this, 18% of people from both study groups did not stop with the smoking. It was established by three combinations of outcome measures that the Mediterranean group had about 70% lesser chance of getting a second heart attack. These combinations were cardiac death and non-fatal heart attacks, cardiac death and non-fatal heart attack plus unstable angina, stroke, heart failure, pulmonary or peripheral embolism. The unfortunate thing about this study is that not all 100% of the people who were on the Mediterranean diet provided dietary information but only 75% of them. Highlight

This group of people were consuming a lot more calories than the American Heart Association Step I guidelines recommends. The recommendations say that a person should consume less than 30% of their total calories from fat and no more than 10% from saturated fat. The participants consumed 34% of total calories from fat and slightly over 11% from saturated fat while the ones who followed the Mediterranean diet ate 30% from fat and 8% from saturated fat.

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