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The need for Candida diet

Even though the main purpose of this diet is not to helppeople lose some weight, it is not excluded that this might happen. However, thisshould not be a reason for concern, because for those who have this kind ofinfection, the most important thing is to detox the body from the byproductsthat this yeast creates and restore the balance in yeast cells. As a result,the digestive system and the immune system will be able to work and functionthe way they used to before this infection. The body will be able to absorb thenecessary nutrients from the foods, which will affect the overall health in apositive way.

Candida diet is based on foods that the fungus does not feedon, which eventually leads to its starvation. Since this means that somedrastic changes will have to be introduced in the diet, the person willprobably experience some symptoms that might resemble those of the flu,particularly during the first few days. However, it is a normal reaction of thebody, and there is no reason for concern even if the symptoms aggravate in thefirst few days. This diet should give results in three months, but it isnecessary to follow all the rules, without making any exceptions. After threemonths, the diet can be expended, but the person should never return to oldeating habits, because the symptoms will soon return as well.

Delicious meal ideas that should be taken into consideration

Just like every other diet, this one also has a list offoods that simply have to be eliminated from the menu. Some of the most importanton this list are definitely chocolate and all kinds of sugar including evenhoney, alcohol, fresh and dried fruits, foods that have yeast or mold as aningredient, cheese and vinegar.

On the other side, foods that can be eaten are vegetables,foods rich in proteins, whey, nuts, seeds and grains that do not containgluten. Supplements that might be helpful in cases of people who follow thisdiet are those that contain acidophilus, bentonite, caprylic acid, as well asgrapefruit seed extract and oregano oil. Meals that are delicious and that can be included in thediet are vegetable soups, grilled fish, ground beef with green beans, as wellas candida friendly burger. The recipes can be easily found on the internet incase a person is not sure how to prepare them.

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