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High protein meal ideas for vegetarians

Lots of people wonder if there is enough protein in meals for vegetarians. Protein can be found in other sources besides meat. Plants, for example have a fair amount of protein in them. Soy is an excellent protein source, it even has the same amount of protein as meat. The important thing is, that a person's diet includes a sufficient amount of protein. Whether it comes from animals or plants, is up to them to decide. Today, selecting foods that possess a lot of protein is no trouble.

Lots of people agree that a high protein vegetarian meal is probably the healthiest thing a person can eat. Those people who do not eat meat are considered by a majority of people to be leading a pretty healthy lifestyle. That may be true but vegetarians need to balance their meals in order to get all the needed nutrients.

When excluding meat, from a diet, a person is going to need to find some other sources for protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Protein can be found in many foods like nuts, seeds, peas and soy products for instance. Experts in vegetarian food have made a list of a couple of meals that contain a lot of protein.


Fettuccine Alfredo is the first meal on the list. The name comes from the contents, fettuccine noodles and an Alfredo sauce. A person can add cheese and parsley if it is to his or her liking.

The second meal is a classic macaroni and cheese. Many versions of this particular meal exist so a person can try out for a while until the best version is chosen.

A vegetable casserole which merges potatoes and Cheddar cheese is another option. The name of this dish is Potato Gratin.

Three Bean Chili is a more spicy meal. Black beans, chickpeas and kidney beans are mixed in order to make a chili. Depending on the taste of the person, chili can be either mild or hot.

Bean Nachos is one of the meals that does not take a lot of time to prepare. Basically, corn chips are topped with chili sauce, kidney beans and spices. If a person likes tomatoes, onions and green peppers he or she can add them as well.

Tomatoes, red onions, cucumber, olives and Feta cheese are used in order to make a Greek Salad. When this is mixed, olive oil and oregano are put on the top of it.

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