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Candida die off symptoms

When people adjust their diet there is a chance some will experience candida die off symptoms. Some people will not go through any problems and some may experience minor inconveniences. However, there are a couple of them who will experience the full effect. When people are fighting yeast overgrowth with the consumption of proper foods, there is a need to make the switch as slowly as possible.

These symptoms differ from person to person. A lot of factors influence what will these symptoms look like. A person's constitution and the amount of time the candida has been over-growing are only some of the things that will influence the symptoms.

The duration of the die off symptoms is another thing that is not the same with everybody. For some it may last for a day or two while it may be 7 or more days for others. People who have a weaker immune system may go through this every time they make a change in the diet. An important thing every person should remember is that if the symptoms get worse it does not mean that the treatment is failing but just the opposite.

What causes candida die off symptoms?

Another name for this is the Herxheimer Reaction. These symptoms happen when too much candida yeast literally “die off” in a person's system and then toxins are created at too fast a rate so that the body cannot process and destroy them in time. A person may feel dizziness, headache, eye floaters, depression, anxiety, diarrhea, flatulence, joint pain, sore throat, exhaustion and skin breakouts when the body is fighting to get rid of those toxins. These are only some of the symptoms. However, there are two factors that are responsible for the occurrence of these symptoms and they are dietary changes and anti-fungal treatments.

Dietary changesWhen a person changes his or her diet and begins to eat more healthy, the yeasts that have been eating up the extra sugar in the blood begin to starve. As soon as there is not enough fuel for the yeasts they die off. This is why a person must make the diet change more gradually.

Anti-fungal treatmentsSince yeast is a type of fungus, this particular treatment will destroy all the yeasts. Lots of people prefer to intake foods that are anti-fungal by nature.

Other ways to treat the die off symptoms

An epsom salt bath or a baking soda bath is a good thing to draw out the toxins. A person can go to a sauna or a steam bath as well. A coffee enema is an excellent way to get rid of the toxins.

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