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Candida Infection

For quite some time scientists and doctors know that properdieting can prevent, ease or completely cure various medical conditions. Candidainfection is the same, and special diet designed for people suffering from thisyeast overgrowth can help them.

Candida is the yeast normally found to live on the human body.More specifically, Candida is present in small quantities in the mouth,genitals and intestines. When the person is healthy, “good” bacteria living inthe intestines and properly functioning immune system maintain the amount ofthis yeast on the normal level. Problem occurs when Candida starts to overgrowas the result of certain problems in and outside the body. The yeast starts tomultiply uncontrollably and it may damage mucous membrane of the intestines. Apartfrom local infection, Candida can also invade the blood, reach any part of thehuman body and therefore cause many different symptoms or even provoke systemicinfection.

What is Proper Candida Diet?

The first rule of Candida diet is to prevent further spreadof yeast infection, by combining proper nutrition and lifestyle.

Refined sugar and carbohydrates are something you shouldn’t eatwhen suffering from Candida overgrowth. All of these, including molasses,honey, white rice or flour, various cereals etc. are the food which will onlyhelp Candida to grow, and you don’t want to breed it any more. Whole grainproducts, especially those without gluten, like brown rice or buck wheat breadare much better choice for anyone who has to deal with Candida. If you have to sweetensomething, use Stevia instead of sugar.

Avoid cow’s milk and dairy products, because they are alsonot good for you in this condition. These products are known to cause allergicreactions and excess mucus, which may be associated with yeast infection. To substitutecow’s milk, use sheep’s or goat’s dairy products. Additional reason for thereduction or even better elimination of dairy products is the fact that theyfrequently contain traces of antibiotics given to the animals and that issomething you need to avoid.

Sometimes, antibiotic medications may weaken yourimmune system and many nutritionists advise their patients to stop using thesedrugs if they are on the treatment.

Stay away from any food that contains mold or yeast. Mushrooms,dried fruits, canned vegetables, certain condiments and white vinegar are allthings that should be avoided in Candida infection.

Maintaining proper alkaline environment in the body is alsovery important for everyone suffering from Candida overgrowth. Eat freshvegetables, almonds, green juices and food rich in magnesium, calcium,potassium, sodium and cesium for best results. Limit consummation of meat andfish for the same reason.

Betacarotene rich food is found out to be beneficial foranyone suffering from yeast infection, so eat carrots and other food thatcontains plenty of this substance.

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