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Mashedpotatoes are a delicious dish that no household goes a long way without making.But one might wonder just how healthy mashed potatoes are and how high is theirnutritional value. To answer this question, one must first bear in mind thatpeople make these potatoes in different ways, therefore, their nutrition isdetermined by that fact, as well as the selection of the ingredients onechooses to include in their mashed potatoes.

Hownutritious are mashed potatoes?

While they’renot the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about healthy nutritiousfood, mashed potatoes are actually far from being unhealthy. The good thingabout them is that the fats they contain are really mono-unsaturated fats,which are considered to be the good kind of fats that are easily burnt andconverted to energy. These fats also help keep the cholesterol levels inbalance.

They alsocontain one other kind of fats, which are called polyunsaturated fats. Thesefats are considered to be the good kind of fats as well. Taking these in helpsthe person preserve good motor and neuron functions and it also keeps the skinhealthy and youthful.

Mashedpotatoes are also filled with two of the most important nutritious elementsthat a person requires on a regular basis in order to have a strong immunesystem and be agile. These are proteins and carbohydrates.

Finally,mashed potatoes are fairly high in their level of vitamin C and potassium.

What arethe downsides of mashed potatoes nutrition?

Obviously,mashed potatoes are quite healthy and nutritious, and highly recommended to beincluded in a healthy diet. However, there are a few things to pay attention towhen making and consuming mashed potatoes regularly.

The firstthing to know is that mashed potatoes contain quite large calorie levels. The same proteins and carbohydrates that makethem so healthy are a big part of the calories in mashed potatoes. The reasonfor this is that a combination of proteins and carbohydrates is much moredifficult to digest.

Anotherproblem with mashed potatoes is that they contain sodium. Sodium is a chemicalwhich can cause malfunctioning of the body when too much of it is present inthe body. And while this is highly unlikely to happen from eating mashedpotatoes from time to time, it’s important to mention all the downsides thatone might find useful for whatever reason.

Finally, it’srecommended to prepare mashed potatoes with as little ingredients as possiblein order to keep them at their healthiest. That means no gravy, unnecessarydecorations, or similar additives.

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