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When it comes to discussing nutrition, seldom does it happen that sugar is not on the list of things that should be avoided in order to maintain a healthy diet. However, sugar is not all that bad, on the contrary. Sugar contains many nutritious elements that are considered to be quite healthy and actually necessary for the proper functioning of the organism, like glucose and fructose. There’s no denying that they contain some calories as well, but, that is no reason to avoid sugar at all costs. If a person leads a healthy lifestyle, those calories will easily be burned.

Where can sugar be put to good use?

First of all, it is important to mention that when in its original state, sugar is incredibly healthy. Not only does it contain both minerals and vitamins, but it also has such vast reserves of energy, that travel extremely quick as well, and wonders can be done with them. Should there be any kind of disruption in the brain that calls for an immediate way to recover, the best thing to give to the person would be sugar.

Fructose, which is a kind of sugar that is very sweet and can be found in many fruits, and even in honey, is a very quality type of sugar. Even people suffering from diabetes, who are to avoid sugar at all costs can consume fructose. This is because once fructose enters the organism, it is associated with the liver and that is where it will be much faster than it will disrupt the insulin levels in the blood.

Another way to put sugar to good use is not by consuming it, but rather by adding it to various cosmetic products. One of these products is a sugar scrub, which is a kind of a cleanser that works wonders for the face. Other products that use sugar are those which are used for depilation. Products using sugar are much more preferable than other kinds that use various chemicals, as they are nature-based and have decreased risks of having harmful side effects.

What are the downsides of sugar consumption?

The only downside to sugar is the fact that it can contribute to weight gain. However, that does not mean that sugar should be completely banned from the diet in order for it to remain healthy and nutritious. While it’s true that the consumption of sugar will bring a certain amount of calories into the body, the key is in the amount. One should never exaggerate while eating foods that are high in sugar in order to maintain a proper balance in the diet. Also, physical activities will help get rid of the stored calories.

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