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Yeast infections are known to be usually seen in women. However, men can suffer from them too. Basically, yeast infection is a fungal infection which can affect different parts of your body including the genitals, mouth, bowel and the digestive tract. Usually, while in small concentration, yeast is harmless and can get maintained by our immune system. However, once the conditions are adequate, this fungus multiplies and grows, triggering an infection, affecting one’s health. The most common type of yeast affecting humans is Candida, especially a fungus named Candida albicans.

Yeast Infection Affecting Men

As far as men are concerned, two types of penile yeast can infect them. Candidiasis and Balanitis are the two most common infections in men. Even though many people believe that men can only get this yeast through unprotected sexual intercourse with infected women, this is not the only case. Namely, homosexuals may transfer this yeast to one another. Also, excessive usage of antibiotics or using condoms which contain nonoxynol-9, along with cases of low immunity, all can lead to these kinds of infections. Keep in mind that diabetics are more susceptible to yeast infections than other, healthy men.

Signs of Yeast Infection in Men

A vast majority of male sufferers from yeast infections show no symptoms whatsoever. Therefore, this infection often goes unnoticed. However, those who are not so lucky may experience burning in the penis, getting worse during urination or intercourse or rashes appearing on certain body parts manifesting through red patches and blisters which can also appear on the head of the penis. The infection manifestations are known to be itchy, causing discomfort.

Treatment for Yeast Infection in Men

The best way of dealing with your yeast infection is by purchasing and applying an anti-fungicidal cream or medications. Nevertheless, consult with your doctor first since you might be using wrong types of treatments for your specific yeast infection type if you opt for over-the-counter solutions. Keep in mind that the drugs used for treating yeast infections may cause certain side-effects like allergies.

Alternatively, you may change your nutrition a bit, in order to battle the yeast infection in your body. Yogurts, garlic and cranberry juice are known to be capable of reducing or completely removing this condition.

Prevention of Yeast Infection in Men

All in all, men are also prone to yeast infections. Therefore, stay safe, especially during sexual intercourses and pay attention to your personal hygiene and diet. Consume vitamins, minerals and all other substances which boost your immunity, staying safe from Candida and other yeast.

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