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Problem with yeast infection in men is caused by the different anatomy of men and women. Because of that, it is harder to notice and treat this kind infection in men. Reason for this is that the vagina is a prime place for yeast to grow, and because of that symptoms of yeast infection in women quickly become apparent.When a woman has yeast infection, her male sexual partner has the same, especially if there was an unprotected sexual contact. Condoms may prevent this infection (although they are not 100% reliable), but if one is not using them, the one should just take a fact that he has this kind of infection. On the undeveloped level, yeast infection means a disturbed level of yeast in the different parts of the body. Factors that can contribute in yeast infection in men are: unprotected sex, use of antibiotics, wheat and corn diets, weak immune system, etc. If drinking too much beer, one can easily be affected by this infection since one of the key ingredients of beer is yeast. This can increase the amount of yeast in your body and cause problems.

Symptoms of the Penile Yeast Infection in Men

The cause of penile yeast infection in men is unprotected sexual contact with the infected individual. First symptoms occur on the skin, and then the infection can spread inside the urethra, and even get into the prostate. When yeast infection develops on the skin, you may feel an itch, and see white spots, sores and splits in the skin of the penis. Infection that entered the urethra is similar to yeast infection in females. That includes a soreness, inflammation and discharges. The penile yeast infection is more likely to develop in uncircumcised men than in circumcised.

Other Male Yeast Infections

It is a common thing that yeast infection grows in the digestive tract in men. After that, it can spread to other organs and skin. Usual symptoms of non genital yeast infection in men are: diarrhea, constipation and gas; bad breath; acne, dry skin and flaky skin; bladder and urinary tract infections; sinus problems. These are considered as the most common symptoms.

How to Treat the Male Yeast Infection

Home test for yeast infection is next: take a glass of water before the sleep and put it beside your bed. When you wake up in the morning, spit into it. If your saliva is stringy and thick, and does not dissolve in the water, you probably have a yeast infection. If this is the case, you should go to the doctor and receive treatment. Prescribed medicines should eliminate the infection.

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