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Yeast Infections Overview

Yeast infections can develop in both men and women. They areusually caused by the yeast known as Candida (therefore it is called candidiasis) and in men it can seriously affectthe mouth or genital area.

Weakened immune system, malnutrition and poor hygiene arethe main reasons for developing the yeast infection. Prolonged use ofantibiotics or the overdose of steroid medications might also be responsiblefor this condition. Men have one more way to be infected with the yeast andthat is the sexual intercourse with the women suffering from vaginal yeastinfection.

Symptoms of candidiasis in men include: problems withswallowing liquid and solid food, if there is an oral yeast infection. Patientsmight also suffer from itching and formation of the creamy bumps and thickcoating on the tongue. Penile yeast infection causes problems with urination andmay also lead to intense burning sensation when a patient starts to urinate.

If you want to get rid of the yeast infection, be preparedto change your diet and lifestyle. Yeasts grow on your body because there is somethingthat feeds them. It might be the sugar, beer or some other food you take(potatoes for instance) that help the yeast grow and you should eliminate thoseeating habits.

Treatments for Candidiasis

Yeast infections can be treated in many ways, but mostpeople prefer the natural therapy. It includes the use of herbs andpreparations that have been used for centuries to stop the yeast growth.

Naturopaths will always recommend eating garlic for thetreatment of yeast infections. A clove of garlic a day or garlic paste on theinfected area of the body should relieve all your yeast problems. Coconut oil andoregano oil (especially if it contains more than 68% of carvacrol) are alsoused to cure yeast infections.

Some will suggest taking a bath with some vinegar to stopthe yeast infection and relieve the itching associated with this condition.

Always drink plenty of water, for it will absorb the excesssugar from the body and prevent the further yeast growth. The best solution foryour body is the clear drinking water.

There is a possibility to get rid of the yeasts from thebody using colon cleanse. This process will detoxify your body and remove all bacteriafrom the colon, making you feel yeast free.

Specialists advise using creams and lotions to relieve theitching and wearing loose clothes when you are dealing with the yeast infection.If the creams or natural cures don’t help, consult your doctor.

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