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It is true that many people simply cannot afford too much time to dedicate to health, some exercising, jogging, or simply relaxing and resting. Unfortunately, the way of the world dictates our lives differently and everything has to be adjusted to that tempo. So, what can and should be done? Is there a way to make your day healthy in office or any other job?

Physical activity

People can be physically active even when they are in office and while sitting during the working hours. Sitting this much can induce some harm to the back and can also contribute to accumulation of excessive fat tissue. That is why one of the tips would be to get up once in a while and walk a bit, or stretch out. This is something that can be implemented in a job, since there is always something that has to be done and it includes even going to the office next door, or couple of floors up. That is another tip, never use an elevator, especially if only a couple of floors have to be climbed. Walking is a much better option here than the elevator. There are also some exercising forms that can be done while sitting.

Use the chair

One of the most common exercises is simple contraction of gluteus muscles. This should be combined with pulling the stomach in and with forwarding the hips. All this can be done separately, or at the same time, which should create the best result. This position should be held for as long as possible because the exercise strengthens the entire core and also flattens a stomach a bit, which is definitely needed by many. Arms stretching can also be done while sitting. Arm should be stretched above the head and then bent over the head to the other side (left arm – right side). Torso should be stretched like this for as much as a person can withstand and then the other arm is used. Also, leg raising can be done.

This is about the exercises. But there are also some other things, little details that might help. Make the office a bit more pleasant; put a plant on the table, or next to it, something green, which a person can use to rest eyes on. The office should be ventilated as much as possible, fresh air with enough oxygen will make a person feel and work better. Also, a picture of someone loved will help a lot.

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