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Everyone has become extremely health conscious, which is great but also it is not a crime to enjoy the odd snack, is it? Now, even the odd junk snack does not have to be unhealthy, for example, nachos. Nachos are very popular as a snack at home and in the restaurants but they are full of calories and don’t particularly have much nutrition in them. You do not need to feel guilty anymore, you can make the healthy version and still enjoy the taste of nachos. It still has cheese, avocado and sour cream which are all optional if you want to be extra healthy and remove them.

The Health Benefits of the Nachos Meal

It will give you some carbohydrates however one wrap actually has fewer calories than a slice of bread. You will get some protein from the beans so this will help with lowering cholesterol. The meat and the legumes will give you nutrients like iron which will help you to feel full for a longer period. You will also get dairy from this meal which means your bones and your teeth will benefit.

Healthy Nachos Recipe

For this recipe you will need one mountain bread wrap that is cut into triangles, a third of a tin of chili beans or you can use Mexican beans, half a cup of lettuce, half a grated carrot, one diced tomato, a chunk of diced cucumber, quarter of a diced capsicum, a little sweet chili sauce, a little sour cream, a table spoon of avocado or guacamole and forty grams of edam or mozzarella cheese. Firstly, you need to put the bread triangles onto a baking tin and put a little of chili powder over them. This can be baked in a pre heated oven just for a couple of minutes so as to get crunchy but not burnt. Now you can put the chips onto a plate and place the beans and then the cheese on top of them. This can now be heated in a microwave so the cheese melts. At this point, the salad ingredients and the avocado can be placed on top as well as the sour cream and the sweet chili. It is now ready to be served.

Tips for the Healthy Nachos Meal

If you want the beans to go a little further you can combine them with baked beans. If you are serving meat lovers then use mince meat as a base.

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