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One of the disorders that frequently occur in children is pain in the stomach and it may have numerous causes. It can be the result of some physical disease, or it can be induced by some emotional problems. Many parents who know their children very well usually very quickly figure out when some emotional issues are responsible for the occurrence of the pain in stomach.

Causes of stomach pain in children

In the majority of the cases, when stomach pain occurs in children, certain psychological factors are responsible for that. Since the muscles of the stomach and the intestine are full of nerves, the child’s feelings cause nerves to contract thus inducing pain and cramping. In such cases, treatment of stomach pain includes solving the psychological problem.

When the cause of the stomach pain cannot be established by the parents and the child has frequent and recurring stomach pain, it is very important to take the child to a doctor, because maybe some medical condition is the underlying cause. The most common health disorders that may induce pain in the belly are urinary tract infections, food allergies and ulcers. Pain in the stomach is more frequent in girls than in boys and commonly the stomach pain symptoms start to occur in children when they are five years old.

Appendicitis and its symptoms

Often when a child complains about stomach pain, the parents almost immediately think of appendicitis. This condition has its characteristic warning signs and the pain first appears around the bellybutton, and then spreads to the lower right side above the hip. Furthermore, in the beginning it is not very strong, but gradually it becomes severe and sharp. Along with pain, nausea and vomiting usually occur. Appendix becomes fully inflamed within 12 hours and all the time during this period the pain is unceasing, and the child cannot stand upright, but must bent.

Treating stomach pain in children

The child with pain in the belly should lie down and it is recommended that a heating pad is applied on its stomach. The parents must talk with their child and find out whether the cause is of emotional nature. The child must have confidence in his/her parents. Furthermore, the parents should pay attention to what their child eats and how, since stomach pain can be caused by poor diet or by indigestion. Furthermore, intolerance to certain foods can also be responsible for the occurrence of stomach pain and the parents should also pay attention that.

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