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Pain in our body can be induced by a number of different factors. Even a pain in one specific location can be caused by many conditions. Because of this, visiting a doctor to get a proper diagnosis is the first thing you should do when the pain appears. This applies to the pain on the left side of the back as well. Many problems can produce this pain so you need to get medical attention immediately or the problems may even get worse. The most common pain is non-specific lower back pain. In most cases the pain in caused by nothing specific. Pain is not very acute and can be produced by many factors, and without a specific cause of the problem. Another cause for this kind of pain is aging change. Pain caused by this factor is experienced in the facet joints of the lower back. With age, the joints get stiffer and induce pain. The pain can also be caused by degenerative disk disease. Pain in the sacroiliac joint occurs when the joint, which doesn't move very often, has limited or too much movement. This pain, possible on the right side of the back, can develop after an injury or pregnancy. People, who are experiencing this pain for quite some time, may have chronic lower back pain. This happens when patients don't treat the pain or the treatment isn't giving the expected results, so the pain changes to chronic because of the duration of the pain. Some problems, which can be “guilty” for lower back pain, are the strain of the facet joint and the muscle spasm. They can induce serious pain. Facet joint are joints of the spinal disk and vertebra. A number of vertebras are connected by spinal disks and form the spine. If a facet joint gets sore, a muscle spasm will occur in order to protect the spine. This will cause acute pain. However, this can be easily treated with a medication, though the best remedy is to be active. Keeping an active life will remove the lower back pain caused by this condition. One more reason for a timely visit to the specialist is referred pain. Certain problems and diseases cause pain in a completely different location and organ then the one having the problems. Everybody knows that left arm pain can be the symptom of heart problems, or that the gall bladder induces pain in the shoulder blade. This confusing state of affairs can be seen with joints and muscles as well, since the pain which is experienced in the buttocks may be produced by a facet joint. We have stated a few problems which may cause pain in the left side of the back. However, many other conditions may be blamed for the pain, so getting a professional diagnosis is advised.

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