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Lower back pain is usually located at one particular spot on the back. Patients may determine the exact center of pain, on the left or right side of their back or sometimes at the center of the back and this pain may vary in intensity, from mild to extremely severe.

What are Common Causes of Lower Back Pain?

Lower back cramps might be minor health problem or a serious medical condition, depending on the cause of this issue. People may experience lower back pain due to some injuries, nerve damage or some other medical problems, such as dehydration, diabetes, anemia, kidney problems or even some hormonal disorders. Lack of certain minerals in the body like magnesium or potassium may also provoke lower back cramps, as well as combination of certain medications and dehydration. Pregnancy is also associated with back pains.

Injuries are very commonly blamed and diagnosed as the causes of acute pains in the lower portion of the back. Patients feel this pain suddenly while playing some sports or exercising. Bending in the wrong way or suffering from some trauma may also lead to injuries and lower back pain. For minor injuries, doctors usually advise plenty of rest, pain killers and physical therapy.

Damage of the nerve tissue may result in numbness, burning, tingling and pain in the lower back, while progression of this problem can affect patient’s legs as well. Common causes of nerve damage are herniated discs, vertebrae defects and fractures and aging-related narrowing of the spinal canal. For these problems, proper treatment includes muscle relaxants and stretching once the cramps decrease in intensity.

Pregnancy and Lower Back Pain

Lower back cramps are considered to be normal problems for pregnant women, due to the pressure their muscles, joints and ligaments are exposed to. In early pregnancy lower back cramps usually resemble menstrual cramps. These are caused by stretching of ligaments when uterus starts to prepare for the baby or by gases or constipation problems. Women experiencing lower back pain, spotting and bleeding might be having miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy and these conditions should be taken care of by a medical professional.

Late pregnancy and further stretching of uterus for the baby may also lead to mild lower back pains. False or Braxton-Hicks contractions are also known to provoke similar problems that usually last for several minutes or so. However, be careful because preterm childbirth may also start with severe lower back cramps and diarrhea.

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