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Lower back pain

The pain that occurs in the back isone of the most common complaints. The pain may occur in different parts of theback, depending on the cause. Everyone has experienced lower back pain once in their life. In this part of the body are the vertebrae thatbear the body weight. Moreover, the kidneys and the stomach are located in thelower back. The pain may be acute or chronic and may vary in severity andintensity.

Causes of lower left side back pain

The pain that appears in lower leftside of the back may be induced by several reasons. When the spine in the lower back is injured, it causes the pain in that part of the body. The injury may happen when onetries to bend or lift a heavy object, or in an accident. Furthermore, herniateddisc also leads to the occurrence of the pain in lower left side of the back. When the muscles are strained inthis region, or when the muscle spasm occurs in lower left part of the back, thepain appears.

Aging is one of the causes that might be responsible for the pain in this part of the back. When one ages, thecartilages tend to tear and wear, so the bones and joints become inflamedcausing degeneration of the joints. Thus, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis occurand induce the pain in the lower back. Lower back pain may also be caused by obesity since the body weight makes thepressure on the vertebrae, which are in this part of the body. In people who suffer from thekidney stones, the pain in the lower left side back usually appears along withnausea, vomiting and problematic urination.

In women, pregnancy is one of thecauses for the occurrence of lower left side back pain. This happens because ofthe excessive body weight, which makes the pressure on the vertebrae in thisregion, but also due to the hormonal changes. The pregnant women who experiencelower left side back pain along with nausea and vomiting should seek medicalattention. The pain in the lower left side ofthe back may appear due to bad posture, as well as due to the improper sitting orwalking. The feeling of the pain in the back is not rare when one wakes up inthe morning. This happens because of the bad sleepingpostures. Strenuous activities and exercises mayalso lead to the appearance of the pain in the lower left side of the back.

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