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It is essential to reduce extra weight in order to have anormal life and to be healthy. Obesity is not an aesthetic issue, actually thatshould be the last cIt is essential toreduce extra weight in order to have a normal life and to be healthy. Obesityis not an aesthetic issue, actually that should be the last concern of obesepeople; the problems arrive after the years of extra fat tissue present andamong them are also hypertension, blood stream problems that can complicatefurther and turn into heart muscle problems. The mentioned esthetic aspects canlead to depression and loss of self-confidence.

Weight reduction process

For weight reductionprocess to be the most effective one, dieting and exercising have to becombined. But that also has to be done properly, because if a diet is toostrict, set at low calories value, and exercising intense and hard, theexhaustion will occur and that is far from being healthy. The diet has to bebalanced; enough energy must be taken so that the body can withstand all thedaily activities and increased physical activity, too. Ratio of nutrients inthe food should be set at proper value, one that ensures that carbs are takenthe most, then come proteins, and fats are the last and should be takenminimally (only healthy fats are allowed). If there is a lot of excessive fattissue present, fats and carbs taken should be reduced but not much, only toensure that the fat burning process has started.


This is the theme thatdoes not need a lot of discussion. All that a practitioner needs is a goodplan, the one that will create the best results for him or her. For weightreduction, cardio workout type is recommended along with the exercises thatinclude a lot of repetitions with light additional weight, or with no addedweight at all.

This type of workoutusually activates several muscles at the same time (running, swimming, aerobicexercises etc). Muscle building must include additional weight, for that is theonly way to stimulate the growth of the muscle cells. Whatever the type ofworkout used, abdominal exercises are more or less the same. Abs workoutsinclude upper and lower abdominal exercises in additional to exercises for the oblique’s.Lower abs should be done first in a training session, before the upper area.Experts say that this is a better option, because lower ab workouts stimulateupper abs too, unlike when a workout for the upper abs is performed.

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