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Exercising is a process of strengthening the body, making itmore flexible and eliminating the excessive fat tissue. There are severalworkout types and numerous exercises that can be done for creating that kindof body. One of the most interesting areas that should be built up among thefirst is the core area. It is developed with core exercises, but why are they essential?


Core includes abdominal area and corresponding region onthe back. While people do know how to develop abdominal muscles, more or lessat least, not so much is known about the back region. But there is a simpleexercise for this part of the body. It requires a person to be on the stomachwith stretched legs. From this position, torso is lifted up as high aspossible. When at peak, torso can be lowered immediately, but it can also beheld there as long as person is capable. This is a good exercise for the upperpart of the back, but it also affects the lower torso.

Plank – this is one of the most effective exercises for corearea, both back and front, although many people are not aware of it. Startingposition is similar to the push-up position, with a person propping the body onfeet and arms. While in push-up, palms are used, in plank, forearms are replacingthe palms. Of course, the spine and legs are in one straight line and all thatis needed is standing in that position without lowering the belly. This is actuallya very difficult exercise, in first minute or two; it might seem a bit easier,but to hold on more than that, well, it requires very much from a practitioner.If done properly, the entire core, shoulders, arms and legs will be affected(leading to trembling at the end).

The importance

Strong core is needed for performing almost all exercises.Even though there are exercises that specifically target certain muscles, whateveris done will require having a strong abdomen. From medical side, it can be saidthat strong abdomen is needed for preventing problems like hernia. From exercisingside, strong core is essential for easier performance of more or less allexercises. Strong abdominal muscles will even help with the digestion process makingit faster and easier. And it has to be admitted that well developed abdominal musclesreally look good on anyone, especially on the beach!

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