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These problems can be very hard to eliminate, and they may come into your life and stay very long, even whole life. These problems can occur on their own, but they mostly occur in the same time. Great discomfort can be caused by the stomach and lower back cramping and this will be the focus of our text.


The brain sends the signals to the rest of the body via the nerves, and the nerves can be pressed by a bulging disk. It the affected nerve is connected with the stomach, the pain we are talking about is felt. Next possible reason for the pain is muscle strain, and it is experienced in the lumbar region. Lower back problems and upset stomach can be a result of pinched nerve located in the intestines. Also, the problem can be caused by the infection or kidney stones. Lumbar pain is a common problem connected with the kidney stones and it can also be felt in the abdomen area. The problem occurs due to the hardening of the minerals in the kidney, which makes urination extremely painful. If this condition is the cause of the stomach and lower back pain, it has to be treated in order to remove the pain felt. Flatulence, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach cancer, gallbladder cancer, intestinal obstruction, osteoporosis and urinary infection can also cause the pain discussed.

Symptoms and Treatment

The most common problems felt are constipation, stomach cramping, bloody stools, vomiting, flatulence, problems with breathing, diarrhea, nausea and appetite loss. There are many different causes for the pain in the stomach and the lower back. In order to eliminate them, the most important thing is to detect the exact cause of the problem. This is the most important part of the treatment since the whole treatment depends on it. If kidney stones, liver failure or appendicitis are the causes of the problem, you have to see a specialist. They can cause problems that can be reduced, and this will also reduce the pain and cramping. Also, the problem may be caused by the menstrual cycle and in this case, painkillers can help. Bloody stools and chronic constipation demand medical attention, but flatulence can be treated with antacids. Also drinking a lot of water and eating vegetables and fruit is needed if the problem is caused by the digestive problem or kidney stones. You can try doing yoga for the stress, do some exercises and try to make healthy habits.

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