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The chests and the lungs are sheltered by the rib cage made of 24 bones. The fractures of the ribs are quite common and they are mainly caused by an injury in an accident. Regardless of the cause, they are the triggers of the enormous pain in the rib cage area.

Lower left rib pain mostly occurs in the people engaged in some type of sport since these people tend to do strenuous exercises and put a lot of stress in this area. However, the ache in the lower left part of the ribcage may also appear due to variety of cases in people of any age as well. These people with mild or moderate ache in this area may have problems to perform simple daily activities such as lifting the objects which are not so heavy, for example. Even walking in the morning can be uncomfortable due to incessant ache in the lower left rib cage. On the other side, the people who experience severe pain in this region find that even breathing causes pain, which becomes antagonizing for the affected person. This persistent pain is definitely a matter of concern and something should be done with it immediately. Go to a doctor and get the professional opinion and help.

Causes of lower left rib pain

Apart from the direct injuries to this part of the body, which are considered to be the prime cause for the incidence of lower left rib pain, there are also several other triggers of the this uncomfortable condition.

It has been observed that many people who are frequently constipated experience pain in the ribs. Constipation is a gastrointestinal disorder that leads to the hardening of the stools that become hard to pass. When one suffers from constipation, he/she has to make strong effort in order to push the stools out of the body, which often results in the strain in the ribcage area. Another gastrointestinal tract disorder causing pain in the lower rib cage on the left side is gastritis. The people suffering from it may experience pain even when they are breathing deeply. Gastritis is a disorder featured by swelling of the stomach lining due to some bacteria infection. The stomach ailment leads to the indigestion and the affected person may vomit frequently, thus causing ache in the lower left rib cage. Indigestion, strenuous coughing and sneezing, and irritable bowel syndrome are also some of the potential causes of the lower left rib pain.

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