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We will talk about the connection between the stomach andthe back pain, which usually occur together. In is not uncommon to find thatpeople who are having a problem with stomach or intestinal tract, have achronic back pain, which cannot be eliminated. The abdomen and back pain can be a result of degeneration or injury of thespine. The pain can also be caused by the pinched nerve found in thisneurological structure. The specific nerve controls specific system, which meansthat certain system will be affected by certain pinched nerve. Dysfunction andpain can be a result of improper functioning of some organ or digestiveprocesses, which is developed due to a compressed autonomic nerve.

Psychological Back and Stomach Pain

The PIPS or psychologically induced pain syndrome may be exhibited by the unsolvedstomach and back pain. The two most common PIPS are intestinal/stomach problemsand lower back pain. These two problems commonly occur together, but theconnection between them is hard to be detected by doctors.One of the psychological effects on the stomach is ulcer, which may be aperfect example of psychological pain. The psychological pain has been linkedto the emotional and stress problems. The problem of stomach ulcers became lessfrequent when the connection was made.


There are some very serious problems that can cause back and stomach problems, so you have to be careful if you are having these problems. The back andstomach pain can be caused by kidney infections and stones, along with othermedical problems associated with other organs. Other causes are liver failure,diverticulitis, appendicitis and gallstones. Physical and emotional stresseshave great influence on the stomach, since it is a part of digestive system. Thereason why we eat a lot when we are under stress can be explained by thisconnection. These problems can be very problematic and lead to great problems withdigestive tract. This may be a result of a back pain, which can also developthe stomach pain. But the stomach pain can be the primal pain and lead to backpain. Be sure that the sources of the chronic back and stomach pain are linked andbasically the same. They can made wrecks out of our bodies. Back pain can causeacid reflux, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and colitis.As we have said, the back pain can cause stomach pain and this means that evenfood we eat has some influence to the back pain. If we eat food that upsetsour stomach, the back may suffer from pain as well.

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