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Female Libido

Libido or sex drive is instinctual biological urge to satisfy sexual desire. In women, libido tends to fluctuate under the influence of different factors. It is common for women to occasionally experience the lack of libido. Loss of interest in sex in women may be caused by both physical and emotional factors. Hormones and libido are tightly connected. Hormonal changes always interfere with sex drive in women. Also, women who are physically in poor condition or out of shape usually suffer from poor blood flow which may as a result cause low libido.

When it comes to emotional factors, female libido is largely determined by the state of a relationship. Strong and stable relationships enhance sex drive while serious problems in relationship decrease libido in women. Stress and overwork can also affect sexual desire in women. Furthermore, sex drive in women generally decreases with time.

Typically, a woman’s low sex drive does not occur due to boredom but low sexual self-esteem. Even when the woman is in a happy relationship, if she starts to question her appearance or her attractiveness, it will negatively influence her libido and result in loss of sexual desire.

Causes of Low Female Libido

There are numerous possible causes of low sex drive in women, but one of the leading culprits is the feeling of guilt and negative attitude toward the sexual relationship. Also, depression, difficult living conditions and different relationship issues can all cause a decrease in female libido. However, lack of sexual desire in women most commonly results from physical or psychological causes.

There are many potential physical causes of low female libido such as anemia, which is common in women due to iron loss during menstrual bleeding. Alcoholism, drug abuse and chronic diseases like diabetes can also be responsible for the lack of sexual desire in women. Post-baby blues is another cause of low female libido, which occurs due to hormonal changes after childbirth. Finally, low female libido can form due to an overactive pituitary gland (hyperprolactinaemia), prescription medications, especially sedatives, menopause and hormonal abnormalities.

It is common for women to experience the lack of desire due to psychological factors. Depression, emotional stress or work stress, anxiety, sexual abuse or rape in the past or latent lesbianism can be psychological causes of low female libido.

How To Enhance Female Sex Drive Naturally?

Herbal aphrodisiacs can be of a great help in increasing the desire. Herbs with aphrodisiac properties include ginko, ginseng, Dong Quai, arginine (or L-arginine) and DHEA (a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands).

Low female libido can also be naturally increased with healthy diet rich in important nutrients, aromatherapy, stress management techniques, increasing nitric acid and improving blood circulation in the body.

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