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Even though many people believe that erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual dysfunction in men this is not true. Namely, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are conditions which commonly affect men. Still, the stronger gender is more affected by low sex drive.

Libido is another term for one's sex drive and it can be considered as desire for sexual activity. Each and every individual has the desire for sex and this is a part of his/her sexuality. The desire for sex varies among people and it is also determined by various factors and circumstances.

It is a well known fact that sex drive (libido) basically decreases with age. This is the reason why elderly men generally lose desire for sex. However, if this occurs in younger men, there may be something wrong.

Diseases Make Libido Suffer

It has been confirmed that any medical condition, particularly if it is chronic, can significantly reduce a man's libido. For instance, men diagnosed with cancer may be rather occupied with their disease and completely forget about sex. However, even much simpler illnesses such as common cold are capable of decreasing one's libido. Once the underlying condition is cured or brought under control the man soon returns to normal, so does his libido.

According to some experts, there are even medical conditions which can directly affect libido such as thyroid gland disease, tumors of the pituitary gland and depression. Furthermore, men who have low level of hormone testosterone are more likely to experience low sex drive and may additionally suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Drugs Associated with Low Libido

Certain medications can affect one's libido. This side effect is frequently reported in individuals who are prescribed certain antidepressants. Apart from drugs used for treatment of depression, decrease in libido may occur if men are taking some tranquilizers or antihypertensive drugs.

Similar effect occurs in case of abuse of illicit drugs like heroin, cocaine and marijuana, particularly if these are taken for a long period of time.

If one suffers from low libido due to some drug he is currently taking, the problematic drug can be easily replaced with another medications which does not cause such side effect.Stress and Low Libido

Stress has become a part of our everyday lives. It interferes in almost every aspect of a person's life including work, relationships etc. and even jeopardize health. Stress is a trigger factor for many different malfunctions in the body and may be also cause a loss of libido. If this is the problem, a person is best to seek professional help and learn how to cope with stress and raise above all the situations which arouse different negative feelings. With proper approach libido will be restored and one may even prevent other, more complex health issues.

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