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During the period between the early 18th and the 19th century, many stories and novels depicted a woman as mad, but the modern medicine has found the excuse for such qualities portrayed in this time. The female health is so much more sensitive when compared to men due to the rapid and sudden changes of the hormones. Women have several problems that men will never have and some of them are perimenopause, PMS, menopause and menstruation.

Hormonal Changes

The hormonal changes are the main reasons why women have so many problems and their general health depends on the hormones to a great extent. A minor alteration of a woman's physical activity or diet can lead to great hormonal changes. Hormones can go wild due to the simple emotional upheavals. Also, hormones are the reason for the relationship between the physical health and the psycho-emotional well-being. Women can suffer many health disorders due to the imbalance of hormones. They can be caused by hormonal imbalance, but they may have symptoms connected with other illnesses. Women can experience many problems, some of them are emotional, some psychological, while others are physical. Joint pain, hot flashes and digestive issues are some of the physical issues. To this list we can also add weight loss, weight gain, weakness and fatigue. Dry skin and hair loss can also occur, but they are not so serious. However, there is a problem of disregarding these symptoms and taking them as signs of tiredness and overwork. Rest and certain remedies are usually used in this situation, but in most cases they will not prove efficient.


Treatment of this problem has to be conducted and so a woman has to go to the hospital in order to receive medical treatment and the needed hormonal supplements that will ease the problem. If the problem is not treated, complications such as vaginal dryness, breast pain, increased nausea and palpitations, may occur. There is a chance that urinary dysfunction will be experienced as well. In some cases, the most serious ones, there might be absence of menstrual periods or their extension. These are physical issues associated with the hormonal changes but there are psychological as well, which are very serious and can cause many psychological diseases. Symptoms may cause person to be unable to function in the world, but there are many complications, such as insomnia, depression, decreased sex drive, which can occur if the problem is not treated. Hormonal imbalances can be treated with the use of counseling, supplements, exercise and proper diet, but this has to be done in time. Do not think that the symptoms are just a sign of overwork or stress and visit the hospital for a proper diagnosis.

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