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Infertility is defined as the impossibility to conceive because either female or male reproductive system does not function properly. It is more symptom than a disease, and it can be diagnosed after at least a year of regular sexual activity in the period of ovulation. According to the statistics, it is more and more common among couples today, and the causes may be various, which is why it is not easy to determine the right cause very quickly. With men, the problem may be caused because of the low sperm count, or poor sperm quality. It is also possible that the men produces no sperm at all, due to the some kind of blockage in the tubes which carry them. The causes can also be hormonal or psychological problems.

In women, the most common reasons for the infertility are blocked fallopian tubes, failure to ovulate and the production of antibodies to a partner’s sperm. Just as with the men, the problems may also be hormonal, or of psychological nature.

As for the factors which can affect both men and women, fertility may be caused by chlamydia, malnutrition, exposure to some toxic substances or radiation, physical changes in the pelvis caused by infection or inflammation, and others.

Homeopathy offers several remedies which are used in treating the problem of infertility, but even though it is an alternative branch of medicine, it does not exclude the doctors and their diagnosis. It would be best to go through all the tests in order to see if there is a specific cause of infertility which should be treated, and with the diagnosis, go to the professional homeopath who will ask questions about the personality of the patients, as well as about specific symptoms, since the choice of homeopathic remedy depends on these elements.

Some of the remedies which are used are in these situations are:

Aurum, which is used for tired people who lack sexual desire and who are often depressed.

Cannabis sativa is helpful with those who have history of marijuana use, and reduced sexual desire because of it, as well as in cases of men with the burning sensation when urinating.

Conium is used for the women with ebbing desire for sex, and with women who have problems with their brests either because of their tenderness or because of hard swellings.

Lycopodium proved to be helpful in cases of women with tenderness in their lower abdomen above the right ovary. It is also used with men who suffer from abdominal discomfort.

Medorrhinum is suggested in cases of sensitive and nervous men with the family history of impotence.

Sabina is suggested for women with the history of miscarriages before 12 weeks.

Sepia is used in men and women. Women with irregular periods are strongly suggested to use it, and men who have no desire for sex and have dragging sensation in the genitals should use it as well.

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