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Female sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction in women can be defined as a constant problem with sexual response and desire. This disorder is not uncommon in women and it is estimated that even from 20 to 68% of women come to suffer from sexual dysfunction at one point in their lives. Female sexual dysfunction can be just a temporary problem, but in some women, it is even a life long problem.

The women with this disorder have decreased sexual desire or they have problems to achieve orgasm. Furthermore, some women even feel pain or discomfort during the intercourse.

Reasons for female sexual dysfunction

There are several psychological and physical reasons behind the occurrence of sexual dysfunction in women.

The women are more prone to suffer from depression than men since they experience the fluctuation of the hormones and their imbalance, and they take certain medicines more often than men. No matter what the cause of the depression is, it may lead to the incidence of several symptoms including the lack of sexual desire. Furthermore, some women who had some traumatic event in their childhood may also suffer from sexual dysfunction. The traumatic event may be a rape, or a sexual abuse, or any other kind of violence. Sexual dysfunction in women may also be induced by constant stress. The women’s schedule is often full. A woman has to take care of her children and she has to do her best at work. Furthermore, she has to maintain household and all the rest daily activities and duties. These are reasons why she often feels so exhausted and incapable to enjoy in a sexual intercourse. Gradually, she loses the sexual desire and eventually develops the sexual dysfunction. There are also some physical reasons why women develop sexual dysfunction. The female sexual dysfunction usually occurs due to hormonal imbalance in their bodies. The bodily infections are also responsible for the lack of sexual desire in women, especially those infections that affect the genital area in women, as well as the urinary tract. The women who have some of the sexually transmitted diseases usually lose their desire to have sex since it can be quite uncomfortable. The loss of libido in women also occurs due to aging. As a woman ages, her health can be easily impaired. Therefore, apart from the hormonal fluctuation, she has to endure some health conditions, taking various medicines that have loss of libido as a side effect.

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