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Pregnancy ends with baby delivery, which can be done naturally or with the help of surgery, the so-called C section. C section is performed when there is doubt that something might go wrong with a normal delivery. This method is also used if a woman already suffers from certain medical conditions that can endanger her health and the health of the baby if natural delivery is done. Also, if there are no contractions and baby has to be born, C section is done. This procedure is commonly performed today and even though problems occur rarely, this is still a surgery that has its own several risks.

Belly fat

Once a baby is taken from the womb and the procedure is done, what is left behind is a wound, a cut closed with stitches. Even though it is nothing serious, it requires some time for a proper healing. Also, since it involves a cut across the abdomen, it is obvious that nothing should be lifted. Actually, any motion that contracts the abdominal muscles should be avoided, or at least reduced to a minimum. Recovery time is individual; some women recover in a matter of days and they are able to walk (slowly and carefully) the day after the procedure. But some women need couple of months for complete healing.

Women have to take extra care, because they tend to forget about anything else but their newborn baby and they stop caring about themselves. After the delivery, woman's body slowly returns to a normal state, but there is usually a problem that involves excessive pounds. Those pounds are more than often common in the stomach area in the form of belly fat.

The plan

This means that a plan has to be made in order to eliminate that excessive fat tissue. Losing belly fat after C section might be a bit tricky, but it is only because some time is needed for a proper recovery. And truthfully, women will have enough of physical activity because of the baby. Simple walking should be more than enough as a starting exercise for those women who want to eliminate belly fat but are not able to do anything strenuous because of the C section.

When some time has passed, light aerobics can be performed and only when a doctor clears it, more intensive workout can be applied. Even then, it has to complement a woman's overall physical condition. Eating healthy is very important, but there is also a problem with reducing the carbs and fats. Quality of mother's milk must not be reduced in any way and that is why it might be a bit hard to create an effective and healthy diet for new mothers.

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