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After you have undergone major abdominal surgery which is exactly what a cesarean section is exercising might well be something you dread, as well as something that is counter intuitive. Yet, while it is certainly important to let the incision site recover before you start working out, exercising can help you recover from your c-section much quicker. When should you start doing exercises, and what kind of exercises should they be?

On the whole, it is safe to start working out six to eight weeks after you had a cesarean section. Before that, in the weeks immediately following your baby's birth, it is too early to even think about physical activity. Instead, you should focus on getting as much rest as you can, and you should avoid lifting anything heavier than your baby. While you spend time bonding with your baby, your uterus and outer skin will start healing. After your six-week postpartum checkup, you can discuss exercising with your doctor. At this time, your incision will have mostly healed, and postpartum bleeding has probably stopped. You are likely to get the green light at this visit, but also make sure to discuss the type of exercises that are allowed.

Just like any woman who has just been pregnancy and given birth, c-section moms are probably most eager to get rid of that "baby fat"! But don't be fooled there is no way to get rid of fat in one spot only. Exercising means focusing on overall fitness and perhaps weight loss, not just on ridding yourself of the last shadows of your pregnant belly. Starting with gentle exercises is best. Yoga, walking, swimming, or jogging are all good options. Ab crunches help your muscles regain strength, but it is important to make sure your doctor is on board with any abdominal work outs, because of your incision. You might also be interested in reading about post-partum birth control options.

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