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Many women have a problem with fat that is left hanging on their bellies after the delivery of the baby. This problem is not medical as it is emotional, and it can cause problems with self-respect, especially if a woman sees a picture of some famous supermodel after her pregnancy, and starts to wonder how it is possible that the supermodel doesn't have a fat belly. We can try to help you accomplish this goal, but you should bear in mind that you have done something amazing by giving a birth to your baby. If you change your lifestyle for just a bit, you can eliminate this side effect, namely the fat belly.


Just like any kind of weight loss, for this also, patience is the key. Some would think that pounds can be reduced at the same speed as they were acquired, but this is far from the truth. You will have to get a good perspective of the situation and be realistic with the whole thing. Always know that it will take you more time to reduce the weight than to increase the same amount of weight.

Many women do not know that breastfeeding can be considered beneficial for the weight loss, because calories are burned this way. Some women have said that this really helped them with the post-birth weight loss, but there is a catch. Sine you burn calories, you will need new ones for the milk for the baby. Because of this, we strongly advise you not to use any diet during this process, since it can harm the milk production and thus the baby's nutrition.

You do not need a special diet, but you can regulate the existing one by trying to eat more frequently and in smaller portions. Try to avoid big meals and always break them down; eat healthy food such as fruit, vegetables, dairy, whole grains, fish, legumes, nut, soy, and similar, because this will help with the weight loss.

If you want to eliminate the annoying fat belly, you will have to burn some sweat. We know that you have a baby to take care of, which can sometimes be even harder that exercising, but workout and exercising have to be done, because only in this way you can reduce the weight.

Try to do as much cardio as you can, and avoid strength exercises since, they are not recommended after the delivery. One interesting and hard exercise can be done, during which you contract and release a muscle named Kegel muscle, which is, basically, the muscle used when urinating.

Feeling of weakness is normal for women after the delivery of the baby, but do not go on a workout if you are not feeling good. Use the tips given above, include some workout and the fat will start to burn.

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