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A cesarean section means when the baby is delivered through an incision in the women’s stomach and also through the uterus. In sorter terms it is usually referred to as a C-section. More often than not the mother to be will be fully awake during the birth procedure and be able to have time with the newborn quickly later. Most pregnant women have a very good chance of being able to have a normal delivery through the birth canal which is called a vaginal birth. It is always recommended however to research about the c- section birth because sometimes a cesarean will be required at the last minute for the safety of the baby or mother.

A C-section isn’t always a last minute discussion made by the doctor, it can very well be planned from the early stages of pregnancy. Some reasons why a c-section may be required may be that the labor is going to slow and/or too difficult on the mother also the doctor may decide a c-section in necessary if the baby shows any signs of being in distress. Sometimes there may be an issue with the placenta or the umbilical cord which could potentially put the baby at a risk. Occasionally the baby is simply just too big to be delivered through the birth canal. Those were all reasons is the c-section is unplanned and the decision has been made last minute.

A scan may show a problem ahead of time such as the baby does not have its head facing down in the correct position near to the due date. If the mother has a heart problem that gets worse in stressful situations or if the mother has an infection that has the potential to be given to the baby if passed through the birth canal then the decision for a c-section will probably be made. An obvious one is multiple babies and if you have had a c-section in a fairly recent pregnancy.

Over 40 years the rate of women having c-sections has jumped up at a dramatic rate, however some medical experts think they should only be performed when there are serious medical issues involve because of the risks. Don’t forget this is a major surgery so you run the risk of heavy blood loss or an infection, sometimes vomiting, headaches and general sickness is caused from the anesthesia. Risks for the new born could include a possible injury during the procedure or possibly lung immaturity. The majority of mothers recovers from their cesarean without any complications, however it does take more time and lots of special care for the body to heal after the cesarean section at the recovery time is approximately double the time of a natural birth.

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