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A diet in which a person will lose a pound per day is not really for the people who only need to trim off a little fat, or even 15 pounds. This type of plan is for obese people, and people who are at least 30 pounds overweight.

Anyone that is not obese and is losing one pound a day runs the risk of having health problems, so it is best to check with a doctor first before starting this type of diet.

What not to eat

The most important and obvious thing that a person who wants to try this must know is that there will have to be a serious change in diet and eating habits.

There are things that people need to stay away from first. Packaged, bleached or the foods that claim to be “enriched,” need to be avoided, as do processed foods. It is important to avoid all foods that are high in far, sugar or simple carbohydrates. For example, the worst thing for anyone to eat when trying to lose some pounds is fried food. They best thing to do is to cook and prepare meals at home, to cook organic foods and to eat a lot of greens.

People also need to avoid oily food, because oil can contain up to 100 calories per one tablespoon.

Fast food needs to be avoided like the plague. Instead of going to a fast food restaurant, a person can enjoy an organic and juicy hamburger at home that will have at least 200 calories less than your average fast food burger.

Sodas and other high calorie drinks need to be excluded from the diet immediately. Soda can have up to 150 calories per can, and so does beer.


The entire point of such a diet program is to lose a pound each day while keeping all the muscle mass a person has. The recipe for this is very simple. In order to achieve this, a person needs to burn more calories each day than he or she takes in—that is the most simple way of putting it.

However, this does not mean that a person must starve him or herself, this means that they must become more active and improve their digestion and speed up the metabolism.

The best way to do this is by exercising.

Exercising regularly and avoiding fatty foods will enable a person to burn more calories than they take in every day. A person does not have to turn into a gym rat, or to start running marathons. There are easy and fun ways to get the daily exercise into everyday activities. Taking a long walk around the city or the lake, biking, swimming and working out on a rowing machine at home are all easy and effective ways to get one’s daily dosage of physical activity and exercise.

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