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The modern way of the life assumes more obligations for modern man. People sit for hours on work, drive in a car or by public transport, and again sit at home in front of TV eating food high in calories. Lack of physical activity and poor diet make human body looks very unattractive. In addition to muscle atrophy, there are fat cushions on many parts of the body. Fat on the abdomen, arms and buttocks are the aspects of the long-term consumption of highly caloric food minimum of physical activity which every day burden people leading them to obesity .

The issue of diet is very serious and diets from magazines that often look good on paper should be neglected because they are real disaster for the body.

Healthy Diet

Healthy diet means making a plan of diet and training which should be followed for a long time until the body accepts it as a healthy way of life. The most important aspects of it are decision, healthy food, physical activity and persistence, patience and time.


Psychological momentum of weight loss is clear. Person will be fit as much as he/she wants. The motives may vary: going on vacation, wedding, clothes, anniversary, and graduation. The most important thing is to make a firm decision to lose weight.

Healthy Food

Food has a dual role in the body. First of all, food provides satisfaction of the daily metabolic energy needs, using excess calories for making reserves. If calorie intake from food is reduced only to the daily metabolic needs, this will certainly stop weight gaining. If long-term physical activity is added to this, fat will surely be spent faster and easier.

The essence of this project is to reduce daily caloric intake for 15-20% and at the same time increase physical activity. The food intake should be split on at least 5, and preferably, at 6 meals per day.

There are some foods that should be avoided. They include food with a high glycemic index : sweets, biscuits and white flour products, pork, potatoes, artificially sweetened beverages, alcoholic beverages, beer etc.

Overweight people should consume foods rich in fiber (all types of pumpernickel, bran, oats, broccoli, peas, green beans, carrots, green salad and etc). Meat should be with less fat. Beef, turkey or chicken are recommended.

Food which makes fat should be decreased and eventually completely reduced because these foods are usually risky for overall health.

Physical Activity

The best way to spend calories from fat is moderate physical activity where the heart rate does not exceed 130 beats per minute. Fast walking and cycling for 25 to 45 minutes in the morning before breakfast is the right choice. Immediately after awakening, before breakfast, it is advisable to go for a walk because then the blood sugar level is the lowest. Therefore it starts to burn fat the fastest. Morning walks fill body with oxygen, improve circulation and accelerate metabolism.


And finally, patience is very important for proper losing weight. It will take several weeks to the appearance of the first results. If everything is okay, in a healthy way, person can lose only 1 kg of fat. Every gram above is a signal about losing muscle mass.

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